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Meet our Team

Markus has been working in the Cinema business since 2001. Running 35mm in single screen art house Cinemas and multiplexes, he also ran 70mm IMAX for the museum of Civilization and becoming the service technician for the 3D projectors. Markus survived the transition from film to digital by making use of his degree in Computer Science and becoming a digital cinema installer. After many years of transitioning cinemas to digital he decided it would be best to collect the best local technicians and continue providing exceptional service in his local area in our new digital landscape.

Paul has been a professional projectionist for 34 years with a first class province of Ontario license. Audio visual technician at the National Library National Archives with fifteen years experience. Assistant and Head of the projection department of the National Art Centre with ten years experience. Certificate of technical training for Christie Digital Cinema: Solaria Series Installation, Operation, Maintenance & Service.

Jon has extensive live entertainment experience and a love for outdoor movies. Spending his days running Diskdaddy Software and Web Development, it is great to have a balance that involves the outdoors and physical exertion.